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  Monuments and Markers
  • A monument installation form and permit fee of $50.00 must be submitted prior to having a monument or marker installed.
  • Every monument and marker shall be placed in the space shown on the cemetery plat or as directed by the superintendent.
  • No monument or marker may be placed unless the location has been approved and full purchase price of the lot has been paid. No monument or marker may be constructed of limestone, sandstone, wood or other material, which will not assure relative permanency.
  • Every grave shall be marked with a permanent marker within one year from date of burial.
  • The height shall not exceed 48" above the ground surface on all monuments. Single markers shall consist of one piece and shall not be less than 12" nor more than 24" in width including the "Wash", and shall be level with the surrounding ground surface. Double markers shall not exceed 60" in length. Other dimensions of double markers shall be the same as for single markers.
  • These restrictions shall not apply to monuments provided by the federal government.
Number of Interments Allowed in Each Grave: 
  • Casket within a vault
  • Casket within a vault plus a cremation
  • Casket within a vault plus an infant
  • Two infants
  • An infant plus a cremation
  • Two cremations

    The City of Benson does not allow stacking of burial vaults, due to soil conditions and water table fluctuation.
Lot Price: $500.00
Lot Size: 4 ft. wide x 12 ft. long
Niche Price: $3,500.00
  • The niche owner, spouse and/or children may be inurned in the niche. Written permission from the recorded niche owner, spouse or designated person is required for the inurnment of anyone else. The written permission will be attached to the city’s record.
  • A single niche may contain the cremains of one or two bodies. Benson’s columbarium has room for two vase style urns that are 10” high x 6” in diameter or two square shaped urns that are 5 ½” x 5 ½” x 7” high.
  • Cremains must be inurned in a dust sealed container or urn that fits within the niche.
  • A burial permit or cremation certificate is required for each cremain and must be delivered to the superintendent at the time of the inurnment.
  • Opening and closing of a niche for the inurnment of cremains shall occur during regular city office hours. Other times may be allowed with an additional fee if the City is notified two business days in advance.
  • A granite faceplate and the engraving of the name of the deceased, the date of birth and the date of death are included in the sale price of the niche. No other names, dates or inscriptions are allowed. The required engraving for the first inurnment is included and must be done immediately after the inurnment. A temporary faceplate will be provided until the engraved faceplate is returned.
  • No permanent decorations, medallions, or other attachments may be affixed to the faceplate.
  • If the inurnment of the second body in a single niche occurs at a different time than the first, a reopening fee will be charged and the faceplate will be sent in for additional engraving at the fee listed in the fee schedule in effect at the time of the second inurnment.
  • No engraved artwork is allowed on the faceplate except the veterans star may be used as the date separator for those who served in the United States military.
  • No permanent memorials will be allowed on or next to the columbarium.
  • Ground level flower containers, artificial flowers, wreaths or crosses for Memorial Day must be removed by June 15th. Any left after that date will be removed by cemetery maintenance.
  • Flexibility will be allowed the first thirty (30) days following an inurnment. Temporary memorials shall not cover or block another niche.
  • Glass objects or glass containers of any kind are not permitted.
  • Toys, metal framework, shepherd hooks, Styrofoam or wooden crosses, ornaments, figurines, solar lights, balloons, wind chimes, decorative flags or items of the same nature are not permitted. The City reserves the right to remove any items deemed unacceptable.
  • No floral sprays or decorative arrangements are permitted to be affixed or secured to the top of the columbarium or on the benches surrounding the
Cemetery Regulations
  • No person may discharge any firearm or have possession of any firearm within the cemetery grounds at any time except for use during military services, Memorial Day observations, or use by law enforcement personnel.
  • No person shall wrongfully take, remove, or convert to his own use any property within the cemetery without the owners consent or make any excavation therein without first obtaining the consent of the cemetery superintendent.
  • No person may wrongfully obstruct or blockade any driveway or pathway within the cemetery or wrongfully damage or destroy any property within the cemetery.
  • No person may drive any motor vehicle at a speed in excess of five miles per hour within the cemetery and such vehicles must confine their travel to established roadways except where the cemetery superintendent expressly authorized such travel elsewhere.
  • No person shall disturb the dignity, peace, and quiet of the cemetery by the use of excessive noise or boisterous and unruly conduct within the limits of the cemetery.
  • No person shall enter or leave the cemetery except through established gateways provided for such purpose.
  • No person may allow any animal to run at large in the cemetery.
  • No person may loiter at any time, nor be in the cemetery without permission of the cemetery superintendent at any time between the hours of sunset and 7:00 a.m.
  • No person may use the cemetery grounds or any road therein as a public thoroughfare nor drive any vehicle in or upon the cemetery grounds except for legitimate purposes relating to the ordinary and customary use of the cemetery.
  • Concrete or steel vaults of a design approved by the superintendent are required for all burials other than cremations.
  • No trees or vines may be planted, nor may fences be erected. The City reserves the right to remove any tree, shrub, vine, plant or flower which may become unsightly, dangerous or not in keeping with the landscape design of the cemetery.
  • All monuments and markers shall be set true to line and grade. The lot owner is responsible for any failure to abide by this regulation and shall pay for any charges or damages.
Rules for Flowers and Urns
It is the aim of the City of Benson to make the Benson City Cemetery a quiet and beautiful cemetery. To continue improvement and to preserve the appearance of the cemetery requires the cooperation of all the lot owners.

In order to maintain a high standard of care and safety by the maintenance of mowing at reasonable intervals, trimming, raking and cleaning the cemetery grounds, pruning shrubs and trees, and snow removal the Cemetery Board approved these changes.

  • No flowers, trees, shrubs or vines are to be planted on the gravesites or on the cemetery grounds.
  • Flowers must be in a flower urn, planter, pot or otherwise removable container.
  • Permanent flower urns, pots must be placed in a one-legged plant stand alongside the monument and not be wider at the base than the concrete grave marker and in line with all the grave stones in that row. The one-legged plant stands must be ¾” in diameter and hold no more than one potted plant.
  • Ground level flower containers, artificial flowers, wreaths or crosses for Memorial Day must be removed by June 15th to permit mowing and trimming. Any left after this date will be removed by cemetery maintenance.
  • Veterans bronze stars approved by the City are allowed in addition to the aforementioned flower containers.
  • Placing toys, metal framework, Styrofoam, wood crosses, shepherd’s hooks, ornaments, figurines, solar lights, balloons, wind chimes, decorative flags and similar articles upon plots will not be permitted. The City reserves the right to remove any article deemed unacceptable.
  • No floral sprays or decorative arrangements are permitted to be affixed or secured to the top of upright monuments.
  • By October 1st of each year, all floral decorations including real and artificial flowers along with the containers shall be removed. The one-legged plant stands may remain on site. Stands not in use by July 1st will be removed.
  • See columbarium section for flower information.

The Cemetery disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage beyond its reasonable control. The Cemetery through its management reserves the right at any time and from time to time change, amend, alter, repeal, rescind, or add to these rules and regulations or any part thereof, or to adopt any new rules or regulations with respect to its Cemetery or anything pertaining thereto.

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May 1, 2014

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